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Our time management platform was built with simplicity and productivity at the forefront! When you need to handle any task workdays.io got you covered!

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Workdays.io comes to power especially for freelancers, small business and workers who work on hourly salery. You'll be able to keep track of your customers, the different companies, your tasks, accounting and so much more.

When you're working on a variety of projects across multiple clients and customers it sometimes get hard to figure out and control all the data and informations about each of your clients requests. There we've been developing this tool to help you easily access information in relation to any specific client.

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Feel free to use any and all functions on the site while we develop this new platform without any cost! There's no doubt that at some point we'll implement some sort of supscription plan, but we might just set up some really benificial deals for all the members who join early!

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While we're still improving every aspect of the platform - with your help! - This is what it looks like as of 04/04/2018.


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With the workdays new extension it's now possible to access your work-data and timers across all websites on the internet.

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The 3 Powers

Increase your revenue by tracking your time, customers, contacts, tasks and so much more.
Get deep insight into how your business may improve their workflow!

Work management

We simply make tracking your time, tasks, customers, leads and contacts simple!

Smarter Choices

We'll help you crunch the numbers and your calendar so that you can focus on the tasks!


We are available at all your absolute favorite devices, browsers and operating systems!

"I hope that what we wo do at workdays will help you in your projects and I would be happy to hear any and all feedback/critisism from you! Have a great day!"

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"If you visit our platform you might see regular changes and stuff might move around from time to time. If you don't like the changes send me a message or mail!"

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Jonathan Stoker · Developer at workdays.io